Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Finishes!

**Disclaimer** I apologise in advance that this is going to be quite a picture heavy post.  

However,  I am ecstatic to show you everything that I have been working on this month! A grant total of 43 finishes! FOURTY THREE FINISHES! *bounces about excitedly*

At the beginning of the month I made 5 of these beautiful little bags, using This pattern, and a pin cushion bracelet as per one of my previous posts, although at that stage I had only made one bag, and pin cushion and was still in the cutting process of another three.  I did however have a request from a little friend of my sons so a fifth bag was completed. :)
Not to end there of course, I did some googling and wondered .. "What else can I make?" This picture below is the result of said search.  This is all the things I have made in the last week.  Last Friday the 21st February I decided to issue myself a challenge.  Could I finish all these items, before Friday 28th February?  

It appears, that yes, yes I can! 

I had already started cutting fabrics early February for two baby quilts for my son due in May .. So I figured I had better finish those first.  

Each one is backed in a fleece fabric for extra warmth.  The only thing I needed to purchase to make these quilts was the Stars for the binding.  

As you can see below, I had plenty of stars and repurposed the scraps for another project.  A nappy bag.  I scoured the internet for hours and hours trying to purchase a bag that I liked, I couldn't find anything that was even remotely in our price range that I liked.  Hence I changed path and started googling patterns.  I found this pattern over at Totally Stitching and I just adored the pattern. 

It wasn't long before my version of this bag was created.  The only thing I really changed was instead of using some heavier fabric which would have provided the right amount of structure to the bag, I instead chose to use fabric from my stash, which is all quilting cottons.  So I used some polyester batting for all the sides and bottom of the bag shell as well as straps.  What you see below is an adorable bag, with just the right amount of structure for all the required baby supplies when out and about, whilst being entirely machine washable.  I totally love it!  

And inside there are two largish pockets on one side, and three medium pockets on the other side.  With some beautiful star gazing sherries for the lining.  I originally wasn't going to add the zipper, but gosh I love how it looks with the zip in place! Totally worth the effort and struggle with the zip :P

Another project I discovered was a tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew for some adorable baby bibs.  The first ones I made using this tutorial are the dark brown cowboys you see below.  I felt that this bib whilst a perfect size for a newborn would be too small for a 6 month old baby, so I enlarged the pattern a mite, and the remaining 22 are all that size.  After making the bags, and quilts, I had just enough fabric left to basically mix n match to get two identical bibs in the opposing colour ways as you can see below.  Here they all are.  

There are two of each bib, totalling 24.  I'm thinking at this stage of keeping 12 of them aside until the other 12 have been used until their last legs? I can't decide if the Beach houses over the ocean is my favourite, or if it's one of the Safari animals ones?  They're all just so adorable! 

During my travels, I discovered yet another tutorial! (I know right? I should stop googling and finding all these tutorials! :P) 

This particular tutorial is from Feed The Dogs for nappy and wipes pouches.  Why should you take the entire bag to the bathroom to change baby, if all you need is a nappy and some wipes? these little cases are so gorgeous and even with adding in the batting and quilting which isn't a part of the pattern, I still managed to whip each of these up in about an hour and a half each! Including cutting of fabrics! They're just so genius! If only I'd already purchased nappies so I could show you how cute they'll look, but alas, oh well!

How many times have you taken your baby out with a pacifier in his/her mouth only to realise that at some point he/she has spat the pacifier and you've no idea where it's gone?  I know with my previous three children that this happened A LOT!  I found numerous tutorials in my googling travels and the directions are pretty straight forward.  Hence these four were whipped up pretty quickly using scraps from my scrap bins.  

The metal clips I had on hand because I had purchased a boat load of them for super cheap last year when I needed them to help secure some of my Cross Stitching on a scroll frame.  So yet again, nothing new was needed to make these. 

And lastly, because I was not purchasing a store bought nappy bag, I was not going to be getting one of those little travel change mats that would no doubt come with it.  This is probably good.  Having used them in the past I have to say that they're quite tiny. I decided to make my own.  I haven't used waterproof fabrics for this, because I wanted them to be entirely machine washable.  I have also made them quite sizeable so that they are still useful when my baby reaches a year old.  

I did have to purchase the piggie fabrics for this project as I no longer had any boy fabrics that were sizeable.  In fact, I am pretty much out of boy fabrics in general at the moment.  I might have to start making things for the girls :P 

So, all in all 43 finishes this month.  43 finishes where I only had to purchase:

Brown Piggies Fabric - 1.5m
Green Piggies Fabric - 1m
Stars fabric - 2m
(All of which were on the "clearance" racks at my local Spotlight) and
1x Black and Silver zip

Everything else used came from my stash.  I am still quite pleased with both the number of items completed, and the fact that I had such minimal purchases to supplement my stash!  Of course, now I need to replenish my supply of "Boy" fabrics, but that's gonna take me a while.

Now what can I do for next month?   I'm thinking Cushions for the sofa? I'm not sure yet, but I have to say I am quite liking this "Goal Setting" idea :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy busy

A little sneak peek at what I've been up to this week :)

Be back soon with full pics once I've finished the final touches :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bags bags and more bags!

I have three more recipients waiting anxiously for their new craft storage bags. So I thought it would be better to sew them almost production style. Ya know to get them done sooner so that I don't have any more 'but .. Where's mine?!' :)

So here they are all cut and pinned awaiting sewing. :)

Just hope everyone likes the color choices I made on their behalf :/

Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm on a roll!

Today turned out to be quite a productive day! As exhibited by the items in the photo below.

Jaelyn and her little friend Emily have been working on some hand sewn projects and of course the snap lock bags that their works in progress is held in, is starting to deteriorate.

So I decided to make them a bag to hold their stuff in ... Lachlan who has also shown an interest in embroidery and stitching wanted a bag too!

This is my first one using this Patten.

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? And totally a breeze to sew up! I couldn't believe how fast this came together!

Another item that will soon come in very handy is a pin cushion. I saw these on Facebook. How gorgeous do they look?!?

Unfortunately my fabric collection doesn't contain quite this array of colors and I also didn't like the idea of the straps being entirely elastic so in typical form, I mixed and matched a few tutorials together and chose to go with a Velcro watch style wrist band.

Both of these projects were started from scratch this morning about 930 am. I'm so proud of how much I have accomplished today!

Only another three bags and two pin cushions to go!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Testing .. Testing .. Testing ..

Please ignore :)

A small shopping trip was needed...

In the mail yesterday came the current Spotlight special sales catalogues. Normally I have a bit of a gander and that's that because were not in a position to really spend a lot on craft supplies. Having said that, there has always been one exception. Should there be any uber awesome sales on some good batting I would investigate!

Well I can honestly say that I am finally FINALLY the proud owner of some actual real batting! No more of that crappy polyester no name branded stuff that I bought last time because it was all I could afford!

I'm now the owner of a 90" (228cm) x 9 yards (8.2m) bolt of Legacy natural 100% cotton batting!!

Thank you to Spotlight for your 50% off sale of this bolt of legacy batting!

I cannot wait to try this stuff out! Bring on quilt as you go, and all sorts of other projects!

In the mail with the Spotlight catalogue was a 40% off any single full priced item voucher. I thought this was a perfect time to add a new template to my collection.

I have been absolutely desperate to try some triangle quilts but lacked the template. Well no more!!

At first I thought I had to have the smaller template .. The one with one of the points flat to make sewing much easier, but upon closer inspection at this template not only can I cut the same type of triangles, with one corner flat, but this template lets me cut oodles of sizes! How awesome!

I totally cannot wait to try this out!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Woah! It's February already!

How time flies! Although I can honestly say it's not flying fast enough! Although I am a mite biased given that I am currently a couple of days shy of 25 weeks pregnant!

Here he is!

The first three pregnancies I have had did not deplete my energy anywhere near as much as this one! So I have not done anywhere near as much crafting as I wanted.

It also appears in this last week that I simply cannot stand for more than a few minutes without major dizzy spells which has impacted my crafting even more much to my disappointment.

But never fear! This does not mean I haven't done ANY crafting :) I'm doing a mobile post at the moment so I don't have all the photos but I will make an effort to get to that soon!

I have however been working on two quilts for the baby. Given my youngest is 7 and a half, I am sorely lacking in baby blankets so I thought why not!

Pulling a bunch of fabrics from my stash that weren't girly I cut a bunch of 5" squares.

Here's the first one put together:

This took me two days of sewing to get together, although only a couple of hours a day. The second quilt uses the same fabrics with a couple of extras.

I can't wait until I have the second top completed so that I can start basting and quilting!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hullo there! Long time no post!

Wow. It's been a long few months. I've spent most of it sick in bed or on the sofa but more about that in the new year!

I havnt done a lot of craft lately unfortunately :( But this last few weeks I have managed to hand sew a few more rows on my hexagon quilt, crochet about 1/10th of a blanket, and stitch about 100 stitches in my Ink Circles cross stitching project. It's so little and yet I feel like I've accomplished a lot!

I was getting worried that my poor sewing machine would think I had been so neglectful that it would runaway back to the store I bought it from! So today I gave her a good few hours of use! First time in quite literally months and I am exhausted now but damn it was good fun!

Christmas is super close! Quite literally next week even! How did we get so far through the year so quickly?! I was so excited that I was super prepared for Christmas earlier this year but alas now I am behind :( so I have a lot of work to do this week!

So I know it's been a while but I'm feeling considerably better, although still not 100% but I promise to be back in the new year with more updates!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stitch stitch stitching away!

I have not been feeling all that good the last few days. Totally exhausted and just blergh. Not really up to sitting at the machine sewing and I'm still waiting for my bohin pen to be delivered so I can get started on some embroidery. So instead I have been working away on some long overdue cross stitch. Making quite a good deal of progress too!

So now that the kids are at their nana and poppys house I'm gonna go sit in my corner of the sofa and continue to stitch away!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A matched pair ... Or should I say group!

Woot! After my previous post I almost immediately found the fabric!

So here is what I got put together before it was time to go for a swim!

It's got a few 'issues' but I'm just gonna leave those! It's looking good though! :)

Missing! Missing!

Don't you hate it when you spend all that time cutting out all the fabric needed for stage one and two of a project thinking you're so smart to do it in advance and then cannot find the fabric when you need it?

Well this is what has happened here. I cut all the backing pieces for the pockets on my advent calendar. The photo is proof that I DID cut them. Can I find them now? No :(

We have turned the house upside down looking for them but alas they have apparently gone on a journey elsewhere.

I miss them! I so wanted to get started on putting some of the calendar together because I have finally finished the number embroidery. But I can't because they have gone walkabout :/

Wherever you are pretty Xmas fabrics please come home! I miss you and so does my ready to go embroidered pockets! They're so lonely without you! :(

Friday, September 20, 2013

Disillusioned with the joy of Giveaways.

I have gone back and forth on whether or not I would write about this. But in the end, my disappointment levels are so high that I feel I just *have* to write about it because I am pretty sure Jacob is sick of hearing me rant at him every time I check the letterbox and there is nothing in there.  

When I first started entering giveaways online, I was sceptical.  To say the least.  After months of entering, I was almost sure that they were rigged somehow.  And then I won one.  And I sincerely apologised to the Craft Community for not trusting them.  I have won a couple of giveaways over the course of this last year, both from small blogs, and some larger ones.  And I thank you again for hosting giveaways.   

When I came across a giveaway in May by a designer who has such a high reputation I didn't even remember my initial hesitation.  It was over the course of ten days (I think?) and it was for the release of a new line from a very popular designer.  Absolutely beautiful fabrics.  

I did all the right things to enter on each blog.  On the second or third day I forget which now, I won.  I did the right thing and stopped entering any of the other blogs also giving away the same fabrics because I had already won a bundle and was absolutely over the moon.  I could already envision beautiful things made for my girls, and my nieces.  

I contacted the blog owner and I provided my details as requested.  After about 6 weeks of no further contact, I again emailed the blog owner near the end of June.  It was about a good two weeks of no response that I tracked down the designer and used the "contact us!" function on their website to try and track down where my prize was.  I of course, never heard back from this mode of contact.  It did not give me any trust in the system, but I brushed that misgiving aside.  

I heard nothing again until the late July where the blog owner contacted me to apologise sincerely for being so busy and that she was sure something could be sorted out! That was the last time I heard from the blog owner.  Two months ago.  

On the 1st of August I contacted the designer via Facebook.  It was 9 days later that the designer finally got back to me.  Apologising and promising to send me out a bundle asap.  That was the 9th of August. 

It is now the 20th of September.  I have not received the original bundle of fabric, nor the supposedly sent bundle to replace the missing first bundle.  

I thought about trying to contact the designer again, but I just don't have the energy.  Between the blog host, and the designer I have attempted contact so many times.  It has been over four months since the giveaway, if I were a paying customer, I would have demanded a refund two months ago. 

I know that in some ways I don't *really* have a right to complain because after all, I was supposed to get the fabric for free, but I did everything right.  I followed the rules.  Is it all that bad of me to expect the blog owner and designer to uphold their end of the deal?  Had I been a paying customer would I still have received such a lack of customer service? 

Living in Australia, I can certainly tell you that this entire adventure has certainly put me more than a little apprehensive about ever purchasing from companies outside of Australia.  Whether this has all been a case of error on behalf of the mailer, or error on behalf of the folks responsible for delivery I do not know, but at a minimum of $24 for shipping from the USA, I do not think I will be making that risk any time too soon. Which is a shame, because I cannot find a lot of the designer fabrics in Australia, without paying exorbitant rates.  

To say I am disappointed would be a major understatement.  I am VERY disappointed.  I am also angry.  This whole drama has left me borderline disillusioned with the Craft Community, and I hate that this one event has so made me hesitant to trust in the honour of the craft community.  

And with that, my rant is over.  I am not going to waste my time and energy getting upset over this any more.  Should the fabric ever actually arrive, then fine.  I will apologise for my rant.  But at this stage, I think it's pretty clear that I am never going to receive the fabric.  

*** In an effort to vent my frustration, but not to discredit the designer and blog involved incase my case is the exception to the norm, I have chosen to not divulge the names of the designer and blogger. ***

50 days. 1 month and 19 days.

Wow.  That's how long it's been since my last post.  My bad :|

I do have two posts that I have been working on over the last few weeks but I just haven't had the energy to finish them.  I will work on them in the coming days, I promise! 

The last 50 days have been what almost feels like a roller coaster ride.  Lots of ups and downs.  

We had an awesome 10 days with Jacobs parents who came to visit.  It was sad to see them go, but Janine will be back next month for us to hit the craft fair! So I'm super excited about that!! 

In other news, I have been on the waiting list for almost 18 months to get in to see a specialist to hopefully find out why I am in so much pain all the time.  After getting sick of waiting, I finally got a referral to the private clinic.  Then wouldn't you know it, the public clinic called me and said they had had a cancellation and I was in! The very next day!  

My official diagnosis so far is that I have Fibromyalgia.  I have to say, it feels good to finally have a clue what on earth causes my pain! He sent me for further bloodwork so hopefully he can figure out if that is all that I have! 

What have I been up to in the land of Craft you might wonder?  Well I do have a couple of surprises in store! But that is one of the posts I have been working on! Suffice to say, I haven't abandoned craft! I've been busy at work! 

I had a good time this morning catching up with some other local crafty ladies!  But now, I am exhausted! And with that, I'm off to have a nap! It's been a long busy day! I need all the rest I can get with school holidays starting in a few hours!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Almost finished! *Eeepz!*

Went out this morning to meet up with some lovely Cross Stitching ladies I met on Facebook this morning.  Had a grand time catching up on their adventures over coffee and donuts! Can't wait until next time! 

Then I came home and it was my solid job to finish quilting my nieces quilt today!  This process was made MUCH easier by my awesome fiancĂ© Jacob who helped me rearrange my desk and took a bunch of things off my desk and onto his so that I would have more quilting/sewing space! Made the job SO MUCH EASIER! I'll upload some pics tomorrow .. I forgot to take them today :|  

Then I had to spend almost three hours burying threads! Although as I was laughingly saying to jacob earlier this evening, I am an idiot.  I used to see all these beautiful quilts and couldn't for the life of me figure out how they got so much detail without going over and over and over their previous lines! NOW I know! You bury your threads! I have to say this is probably my least favourite part of the quilting process! You're SO close and yet SO far from being finished! I get impatient! I just want to be able to show it off! 

But alas, yet again another project that has finished after ten pm at night.  The light in here is abysmal! (Although after the light bulbs we bought online tonight that might change!!) 

I will have to try and get some decent photos tomorrow with the daylight! 

Then it's onto Binding and figuring out what to do for a label!  And then I finally get to present it to my beautiful niece! Can you believe I have almost finished my first ever fully designed, pieced, and quilted by me piece!?!  I can't either!! :) 

But now, I'm gonna go bend my back in the OTHER direction and try and straighten it out after bending forwards over my desk to bury thread ends! 

P.s ... I LOVE my new machine! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sew-A-Long results!

Some of you might remember a few posts ago that I said I was going to participate in a Sew-A-Long over at the Scientific Seamstress! I did! I completed three "Marissa's" and one "Jamie"! I am so pleased with my efforts!

Here we are all in our pretties!

And then tonight I got sick of the girls trying to rip their hair off their heads with a hair brush because they lack the patience to comb their hair properly.  So I cracked out the scissors! Here's the result!

And I know I know! I've been slack! I havn't made a post yet about my new machine! I can tell you though that I have been busy giving it a good workout to wear it in! Here's what I was up to today! 

She's nearly finished! Which will mean burying threads and binding! I can't wait! And then it's onto quilting my Red Black & White Quilt!