Sunday, January 20, 2013

Woopsi? :)

Okay so first things first. When i started this blog again I thought for sure it would be for me and the family to keep everyone in the loop on my crafting activities. In all the years of having blogs off and on I've never really had followers. Imagine my surprise to see that I currently have four followers! And only one of them is family! So thank you folks! That makes me feel more inclined to write about my crazy boring antics!!

Secondly, I'm a bit of a goose. I totally forgot to upload a picture of one of my projects .. The Ink Circles project. I have included the photo below to show off my progress.

Another photo I forgot to upload was of the awesome gifts given to me by my soon to be mother and father in law for my birthday and Xmas. Below are two awesome additions to any crafters collection. The smaller of the two is just perfect for all those little things .. Needles, scissors, pens, pins etc. The second is an awesome travel case for craft projects. Very soon into the new year I am going to be going to a Quilting class where they will teach me all sorts of awesomeness about quilting. Both of these items will come in very handy! Although I am already using the small one for all my needles etc.

And my last photo of the day is an update on my HAED project. A challenge was presented to me before I left Western Australia - to have one whole page of the HAED project completed before my children came home from their 8 night stay at their fathers. Alas they come home tomorrow afternoon and I have not succeeded in completing the challenge :(

Below is a photo taken a out half hour ago (before I downloaded the blogging program to my phone cause I was too lazy to go get the Mac :/ ) Although not having completed the challenge I do think I've gotten a hell of a lot done though. Right?


  1. WOW Naomi your needle has surely been smoking. Well done on your progress so far.

  2. Holy cow you're quick! I only just posted that! Lol