Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Rant of sorts!

Consider this forewarning .. this is a bit of a history/rant/blargh! post.  I could have had two blogs, one for all things crafty, and one for all things personal and rantifiable but I just couldn't bring myself to have two blogs when in previous years I've found it hard to maintain one! So .. here it is! 

The year 2008/2009 was a very stressful year with my first marriage ending and trying to find an amicable middle ground and stability for my children.  During this time I was also very stressed at work, working from 7am to 5pm if not later, performing multiple jobs on top of my own paid position.  Typical of the Government I know.  Unfortunately during this time I got very stressed.  It got to a point where no matter what I ate, within 5-7 minutes my stomach was in knots.  

Sadly, it took me a couple of months of this behaviour to finally go visit a doctor.  The doctors at first thought maybe it was some sort of Gluten intolerance and ordered a blood test.  During the time waiting for the results I cut out as much gluten as I could from my diet.  What do you know, no more severe pains after eating! For a couple of months I only ate gluten inclusive products when I had no other option (ie, breads .. gluten free bread is like eating rocks!).  

After a while I could eat most things, but I didn't seem to have any energy.  Walking to the letter box and back was enough to have me laid out flat on the sofa for hours recovering.  The best the doctors could find after numerous blood tests, and iron tablets and what not was "Severe iron deficiency".  Woo!  *snortz* 

Ever since then I have just put up with migraines, all over body aches, severe dizzy spells, lack of energy, limbs that feel like rocks are weighing them down etc, etc.  

Then last year I had to return to full time work.  I lasted 6 months.  Almost to the day.  Before I just couldn't do it any more.  I kept getting this constant feeling like I had a cold. And I was simply exhausted.  I would get home at night and literally sit on the lounge and stare at the tv.. Not because I was interested in what was on but because I was too tired to pick up the remote to change channels, or ask Jacob to do so.  

I finally went back to a doctor about all of this.  He had me have another blood test.  I recorded an Anti-Nuclear Antibody reading of 1280 and told me that I now qualified for a "Pain Management Plan" and gave me a referral to a Rheumatologist. 

It's 9 months later and I've just been told that I have another 7+ months to wait because the 'average' wait time to see this specialist is 16 + months .. provided he doesn't get an influx of Category 1 patients .. I'm a 2.  How ... Irritating.  

Of course we are stuck in one of those "Stuck between a Rock and a Hard place" kind of moments.  I can't work full time because I can't cope health wise, but I can't get in to see any specialists for what feels like FOREVER! so I have to study! The question is, WHAT do I study? Full time study in most of the fields I am interested in involve a lot of on campus time.  One day of full time go!go!go! and I'm down for the count for three days! 

Currently I am studying what is called a Tertiary Preparation Program through USQ.  I attempted this course a couple of years ago and was doing fantastically! My lowest mark was 84%!  Unfortunately we all got sick.  Like all 5 of us couldn't move sick! So I was unable to complete the last two major pieces of assessment and the exams.  But never fear! I am back to do it again and this time I am GOING to complete it! The question though is: 

What do I do once I've completed this course? 

The whole point of this course is to give you guaranteed entry to any course at USQ that doesn't have any specific prerequisites other than Math and English.  I love all things Criminology and Profiling etc. But having worked for the local Law Enforcement before I know that there just isn't any jobs in this area.  I'm intrigued by all things medical, but I don't have the skills to be a doctor, or the physical ability to cope with the demands of nursing.  I was intrigued by the idea of Teaching but after a recent experience at the school last year I'm a little soured off the idea of teaching.  I am however toying with the idea of maybe something that involves writing about these areas that I love? 

In the meantime, the current doctors have given me referrals for a dietician and a physiotherapist indicating that I need to eat healthier and lose weight, whilst the physio is for the pain in my back and legs.  I get that I need to lose weight.  That's always been a problem ever since I put the weight on after having my first child, Piper, almost 13 years ago.  Especially given I already had back pains from a previous accident.  

But exercising to lose the weight is a double edged sword.  Yes, exercising is good for you.  But, exercising also causes a lot of pain.  Kind of a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.  

We have actually cut back on a lot of the sugar and junk foods that we were eating last year.  We only buy soft drink for special occasions.  Our worst vice in the sugary/unhealthy foods department is dessert.  We don't have it all the time, but we do have weeks where we will eat dessert every night.  And then weeks where we won't touch it.  

Today we are off to see the Dietician.  A referral provided free of charge thanks fo the Medicare system.  And tomorrow the Physio.  Hopefully both of these can help us with ways to eat healthier in our house! 

And hopefully they won't cost us an arm and a leg because we're out of expendable limbs at the moment! 


  1. Don't you just love the medical system LOL

    Good luck with everything :)

  2. Gnomey, try some low impact exercise like swimming. It sucks being frusted with your own body though, eh? ._.