Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Roster!

I've been slack and I haven't done a lot of crafty related things the last week or so.  A couple of days were simply a case of it took all my energy to sit up right on the sofa and not sprawl out and pass out across it so no one else could sit down! 

I've also been busy trying to figure out methods to get my children to calm down and work together and complete their assigned household daily jobs.  I'm sick of asking one child to do something simple ie, feed the cats.  The typical responses have been "No. I did it yesterday." or "Why should I?" to name a few.  And we have this problem with every job! So we needed a roster that clearly outlined what each child was required to do every day, and if need be, more detailed instructions on certain jobs.

So .. after seeing Lachlans Psychologist last week I had an idea of exactly HOW to do the roster.  We'd been tossing up the idea of a roster for a while but it's always been a VERY daunting task! 

I finally bit the bullet and created it a few days ago.  It took me about 5 hours to complete.  And I can see now where there's a few places I could have made it better, but to be honest I just can't be bothered with the job of fixing it lol.  It works for now, why break it?   

As with all things it is a big case of trial and error.  Finding out what motivates each child can be tricky.  I have located and purchased an individual gift for each child pending their completion of a 5 day period of behaving (instigated before the roster came into play, hence only 5 days instead of 14). Because I know I have a snoopy PIper, I'm not going to post pictures of the gifts until I give them to the children.  

Below is a picture of the roster in all it's glory.  It has been pinned to a board and hung up on the wall in the dining room for all to see. 

As you can see, we have the basic rules, further information on any jobs that need it, what requires punishment and what the stages of punishment are.  I sat down and went over the whole board with all three kids when it was completed.

We are going to keep an eye out and purchase a number of small items such as funky erasers and pens, stickers etc.  We are also going to create a small gift card offering say "One $0.99-1.99" app from the App store for their Ipods cause they're always asking for new apps.

This has made it SO MUCH EASIER in our house! A child misbehaves, we walk them to the chart and ask them to point out what they've done wrong! 

It has been quite amusing though cause one child will misbehave, and another one will point out what they've done wrong, and what their punishment is to be!

Heres hoping this works! 


  1. Wonder if it works for adults LOL

  2. hahaha I wish! They're not so easy to corral or motivate! :P

  3. I did like how not 30 seconds after we'd finished explaining the whole thing, we said a job had to be done and the child who was allocated that job said "Why me? I did it yesterday! It's not fair..." ...