Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Busy!

This is what my desk looks like today .. well .. a third of it anyway. The other two thirds are all computer gear and well .. craft stuff! 

These are the books for only 1 of the 2 subjects I'm studying! My study books arrived early last week.  Technically the course doesn't start until the 25th of February but hey I have the materials why not get a head start?  I have already almost completed 1 assignment! Okay okay .. it's small and easy but still! 

When they arrived, because I have attempted this course before (all 5 of us got violently ill and I was unable to complete the last few pieces of assessment :|) I still had a lot of the paper work from the last time.  Taking all the new course materials and the old materials to the lounge room I set about to sort out what needed to be kept.  I took everything out of a plastic drawer it had been stored in and turned my back on said draw for about 5 minutes.  

This is what I turned back to: 

The adorable Penny Cat decided she would come and visit and assist me in all my work! Isn't she gorgeous! 

A couple of nights ago we had the awesome M'Lynn and Paul visit us for a bit of a late Xmas/Valentines/WhyTheHellNot family style dinner.  Miss M'Lynn provided an awesome pot roast .. unfortunately we were so engrossed in eating it, no one thought to take a picture :| 

Myself and Anne were in charge of desserts.  This is what we managed to scrounge up between the two of us:
Here is what our table looked like at dessert.  There was also a bowl of freshly whipped cream and a container of Vanilla ice cream to accompany dessert.  

Here we have Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding (me) and beside it is an awesome lemon cake (Anne)! The most awesome lemon cake I've ever eaten! You wouldn't guess it to look at it, but the lemon cake has sour cream!

Here is my very first attempt at making Tiramisu.  Admittedly I chose not to include the Marsala and instead replaced it with half a cup of hot chocolate! *I* think it tasted awesome! :) 

The bowl to the right was a serve of everything.  The bowl to the left is what was left a few minutes later! I guess this means we did Ok? :) 

Below is an image of what M'Lynn and Paul got me for Xmas.  It was discussed that it was a shame this was provided AFTER dessert was made.  I can see that this is going to be a challenge to find nifty desserts that can be presented in this! 

Unfortunately as a result of these study books arriving and taking over my desk .. there won't be as much time for stitchy related things *sad face*.  I will still be going to quilting classes weekly and I *will* find time to stitch - probably of an evening with the kids about .. so I shall have to keep you posted! :) 

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  1. You could make a trifle in your new serving dish, glass LOL