Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is the Roster Working?

Last week I posted about how I created a roster for use in our house with my three delightful children.  But the question of the day appears to be .. Is the Roster working? 

I would have to say that I have three kids.  My house is never going to be perfect.  Never going to run perfect.  There is always going to be tantrums, and a bit of screaming and carrying on.  Having said that, I am very pleased to note that this last 5 days has run A LOT smoother with the introduction of the roster.  

Sure, there's still the whole "I'm not doing that!" and "But I did that yesterday!" and of course the ever popular "No!".  But things have been so much easier.  We're all a little less stressed! 

Before I instigated the roster system, I set a challenge for my children.  I wanted 5 days of good behaviour.  Whilst I didn't get 5 days of perfect behaviour, I sure did get less tantrums and screaming and carrying on like pork chops.  

Today was reward day! 

When we were in Western Australia Lachlan bonded with his Poppa over soccer! He is now very much a Perth Glory fan! I found this flag on ebay and thought it was perfect.  We are going to figure out how to place this on his bedroom wall so that he can look at it whilst in bed.  

Jaelyn absolutely adores word puzzles.  A lot of the ones over the years have become 'communal' puzzle books with all three of them drawing in them.  This is her very own personal little word search book. 

Piper also adores puzzles but her all time favourite is Sudoku.  In fact I think she was doing them before I even started! 

I have started collecting other nifty items for each of them and items to go into a "treasure box' so that they can pick at random.  I will have to keep you all posted periodically on our progress! :) 

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