Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilting Classes - Week 2!

The much anticipated week 2 of quilting classes arrived today! The lovely folks at B & R Cribbens in Ipswich were as awesome and helpful as ever! I am participating in their 9 block beginner quilting class however I will be making an additional 3 blocks to make the quilt the size of more use to us.  

This is Block 3 which was completed in todays class.  I was given this when I left last week but it was a busy week and I never managed to find the time to attempt this before the class. I did have a few issues with my machine deciding to be a bit of a pain in the proverbial.  However it was a good thing because the lovely ladies were able to inform me that I have been using the wrong bobbin in my machine! Which has been causing all my problems with my machine unthreading and lots of knots in the thread and what not! Luckily I had the right one in my sewing gear! Alas this did mean that this block took me a lot longer to complete than it should have :|

Below is Block 4.  As you can see it isn't quite finished.  My plan is to finish this one this afternoon and make a start on block 5! 

I am so excited to complete these blocks and get to the blocks that have the applique and free motion quilting! ALL to be completed on my little Brother machine! I do have to say though going back to basics and cutting only the fabric required for each block and completing that block before moving on has been awesome.  I always stayed away from creating blocks because I felt like they were the slower option.  Like I didn't get enough done in each sitting.  But holy damn! I can SEE my quilt coming together before my eyes just with each block! 

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