Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilting Classes - Week 3!

Saturday welcomed Week 3 of the Awesome Quilting Classes!

After I left last weeks class I pretty much came home, had a snack and went back to the sewing table and finished the remaining few stitches of that block and completed the next block.  This bought me to a total of 5 blocks completed so far.

Usually I get through a block and a half at the class, however this weeks block was a little bit more tricky.  Not so much on technique but on fiddliness.  It took me the whole 3 hours to complete this block.

Looking back at it though it was totally worth the time.  This block looks totally awesome.

I have block 7 instructions to complete before next weeks class.  The sooner I get the blocks done, the sooner I can learn Applique! And Free Motion Quilting on my little machine! Can't Wait!

They showed me some other quilt designs that they've done in the past.  OMG! Some of them are so awesome! Cannot wait to get started! :)

Unfortunately Study resumed today so I'd better head back to the books :|