Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little reshuffling!

Last Saturday we were tidying up for what was supposed to be a family dinner when I suddenly had a thought.

I didn't like the way the lounge room was set up.

I know, typical female right.  If it aint nailed down, we want to move them around. The first thing out of Jacobs mouth was 'No.' followed shortly by 'Okay, but not today'.  Amusingly followed up with 'Well, not this week!'.  

Would it really surprise anyone to know that Tuesday Jacob and I rearranged the lounge room? Just a mere 3 days after I thought of it. 

I have to say, we are totally LOVING the new layout.  We didn't really do too much, just kind of flipped the room. 

 If you were to stand in our lounge room doorway here is what it looks like to the left and right. 

Now when you look you see this: 

And here is my little stitchy corner.  Okay, so it's not so little.  I end up taking up a third of the lounge!

It took us almost all day but we are very much happy with the rearrangement!

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