Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Procrastination! Oh how I hate you!

Argh! Procrastination is horrible!

I have an assignment that I MUST write today .. and do you think I can concentrate on more than 3 words in the book? No!

So far today I have:

- tidied my desk
- then cleaned my desk
- read everything on Facebook
- culled the number of folks I follow on twitter
- read up to date on all my crafty blogs (I have like 50+?) in google reader (including entering not one but two competitions to win freebies!)
- done half a blog post (not this one!)
- sourced another three block patterns for quilting
- and come up with a few quiltable projects for the future!

Other than opening word I havn't done anything of my assignment! I need to focus!

My head feels fuzzy and like there's an elephant getting ready to sit on my forehead.  Maybe I need more coffee? And a snack?

Then I'm gonna go focus!

More updates on my antics of the last two weeks to follow! (Although hopefully not until AFTER my assignment has been submitted!)

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