Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stash building!

I've always dreamed of having a 'job' that allowed me to work from home.  Something that I can do at home in my own time, that I can use to still bring in money.  For a while there I thought hey .. I could knit/crochet blankets and what not to sell online! Then I realised that they would only be seasonal.  Not really a good source of income.  Then I kind of put it all on the back burner for a while.  Recent medical ailments have made me rethink what I can and can't do.  Mostly, I cannot seem to do the full time job thing for a long period of time without getting really sick.  So maybe I needed to revisit the idea of doing stuff at home? 

As per recent posts, I am in need of a new sewing machine.  I probably could continue with my basic little sewing machine but it would mean limiting myself to the most basic of quilting.  There would be no awesome applique, probably not a lot of free motion quilting etc.  Do I want to do this? Hell no. 

In lieu of having to purchase a new machine, which is a huge expense, I thought hey .. maybe I can make things that I can sell online.  This would give me the opportunity to earn back the expense of the machine.  

I've been scribbling ideas down here and there.  Obviously quilts (duh! :)) funky aprons, pot holders, placemats, table runners, bags, coin purses, some basic kids clothing to name a few! 

Of course, for all of this to happen .. I need a bigger fabric stash than the one I have .. let me remind you .. 

Now I have already used some of these fabrics for my quilting class.  I also sourced a few other pieces not photographed here .. I'm sure I will get around to photographing those at a later time! :) 

I went to visit my gorgeous friend Lynn Puddlepuff today.  She is always such a fountain of information! Today was no different.  We discussed some ideas that I can make.  When I told her I was on a fabric stash hunt she got this gleam in her eye and said "Follow me." 

She led me downstairs where there were plastic containers full of all sorts of wonderful projects.  In one, she pulled out a plastic bag.  My eyes lit up immediately!

Each of these is approximately 90cms wide, and probably at least 2 meters in length.  

Also in the same boxes were a bunch of other fabrics! I came home with a whole garbage bag FULL of fabrics!! The others are all in the wash now!  There are some beautiful fabrics that just scream "I'd make an AWESOME bag liner for when you make some awesome bags!" 

What an awesome start to my stash building!!!!!! Thank you again Lynn Puddlepuff!! 

I can't wait to dig out all my fabrics and just have a play! 


  1. Oh wow I love those ginghams. Save a little bit for me please. I will attempt to sort out my shed and I have lots of fabrics there too. I will pack them in my suitcase. Must organise a visit soon.

  2. yes! Must organise a visit! Between us we have almost enough points to do a full return flight .. we have been trying to decide if we should gift them to you (if you have a qantas frequent flyer account) or hold onto them incase Jacob needs to come back urgently :|

    I don't plan on touching the fabrics just yet .. so I'm sure there will be plenty! :)