Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yummi Foodage!

It's been getting a little bit cooler here with all this rain that we've been having of late.  So I decided some good old fashioned hearty foods were in order.  This meant home made beef and vegetable pie, and vegetable soup!  

I really should have taken a photo of my stovetop when I made the pie because at the same time I had a second huge pot on the stovetop only this time it was full of this awesome vegetable soup.  That's 18 standard sized chinese containers full.  

We were wandering around our local Woolworths the other week when we smelt one of the most heavenly smells! Of course we just had to let our noses lead the way! Soon we found ourselves infront of the seafood deli only to find someone cooking these awesome garlic prawns.  Predictably we bought some.  Here is my share with a nice caesar salad and cherry tomatos.

After seeing the dietician last week we are glad to report that we have made a considerable effort to eat better.  Not that we eat a boat load of junk food.  In fact, our problem is that we often (okay, almost always) don't eat breakfast or lunch.  Which is of course unhealthy.  We got some yoghurts, and frozen berries and what not so that even if it's just a banana and berry smoothie we're at least eating something.   I can't say for sure if any of us have lost any weight, but hey the eating healthy is the first step.  Right? :)

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