Sunday, April 14, 2013

A little further into the project!!!

So.  When I left you last it was with the knowledge that I had finally pieced together the pieces of the top of my red black and white quilt top in order to take to class.  This is what it looked like: 

I was very very tired at class when I first got there.  But they loved my quilt top.  They suggested that before I put the black layer I should have a small bit of a different colour to separate the top from the border .. we tried to find a suitable red until I thought Hey, what about white? White actually turned out to be the best option because it just makes the whole thing jump out now. So I proceeded to put a white border around it.  They then very helpfully showed me how to cut up the border sashes too. 

I do have to say a very big thanks to the girls at my class, but also one of the other fellow customers, a lady named Judy.  When the shop staff were busy with customers (it was surprisingly busy for a rainy morning!) Judy showed me how to pin and match the borders to the work and it is an excellent method! So Thank you again Judy! 

I didn't think to take photos of it at this stage .. or after I put the black sashing on.  

So what's the next step you might ask? Sandwiching! When I asked the ladies at the class how long it takes to sandwich she said to me "Oh, hour- hour and a half?" I thought "NO!? Really?! Sure." I was wrong.  

This is one of those moments where I REALLY REALLY wish we had a separate room just for my sewing, and in it was a big big BIG table! What we did was taped the backing to the floor of my living room.  Thankfully it's tiled.  This step of course took a bit longer than originally anticipated because I discovered good old simple masking tape just does't do the job.  I had to take a trip to Bunnings for some "Bear tape".  Which I might add, was well worth the trip! This stuff sticks like glue! Only when it's time to remove it, it comes off SO EASY! 

After it was taped to the floor, we placed down the batting and smoothed this out.  Then we laid on the top.  Which of course needed lining up because I only *just* had enough length of backing for the length of the quilt! Then it was time to pin.  

Folks.  Did I mention I have a bad back? And bruises on my shins from swimming a few weeks ago? Oh and a really sore toe? Yes.  I managed to hurt, squish, rub, bang, smash all of those.  I was sitting on my knees on the tiles, pinning for very definitely at least an hour and a half! Whilst I was pinning, Jacob was opening the pins and placing them into a bowl, and then going around and closing all the pins I'd already placed.  

I had to stop every so often purely because the backs of my shins which were firmly sandwiched to the back of my thighs (remember, sitting on my knees) and my toe was squished into the ground and the muscles in the backs of my legs were going "WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!" 

We finally got it all pinned.  Whilst I sat on the floor unable to really move, Jacob kindly went around and finished closing all the pins, and then trimmed the excess fabric/batting to a couple of inches around the top.  

This is my favourite photo so far.  You can see all the little pins! Almost 600 of the little suckers! 

You think this meant we were done, right?  Turns out that folding it up for storage until I am able to quilt it, wasn't as easy as we first thought.  Who would've thought that all those little pins would get tangled with each other? Thankfully we only got one really tangled before we realised the problem! So it's currently all folded on my desk with a bit of batting between the halves with pins.  Smart thinking on Jacobs behalf! 

So here I am a day later and I am so sore.  I just went to have a shower and it literally feels like I have been beaten with a plank of wood.  My hips hurt like they've never hurt before! (Which is really saying something!) My muscles in my legs are sore! I walk like an old nana when I first stand up, ya know, all hunched over.  Not because I'm old, but because I simply cannot stand straight up initially.  Although this was happening before I started pinning so I think I just exacerbated an old injury there! 

BUT.  The top is done.  Sitting on my desk waiting for me to quilt.  Last night I just didn't have the energy to even LOOK at the quilt.  Today, when I know I have to go out to a Birthday Party I'm looking at it longingly thinking "BUTTTTT...".  

I will be pretty busy for the next few weeks, so probably won't be many posts from little old moi.  But I'll take lots of notes and catch you all up later! :) 

And now, I'm off to visit my mother.  It's her 50th Birthday today! Happy Birthday Mum! (Not that she reads this, but it's the thought that counts, right?) :) 


  1. Okay, so I'm a big fat fingered idiot. lol.

    In my usual routine, I checked emails this morning whilst still in bed .. in my endeavour to approve a comment I accidentaly deleted it :|

    So here it is instead:

    Zenny Commented: That is too much fucking work. I will lend you a chicken for assistance in your next endeavor.

  2. How could you delete me..? I'm so tired of everyone just writing me off like I'm some old hen, shame on you! May your chickens always crow at 3 am >:0

    1. haha it wasn't done on purpose!!! It's just REALLY REALLY SMALL writing on my iphone! AND they stupidly put the publish, and delete buttons RIGHT above each other! AND there's no confirm/cancel option! I was very very disappointed! I promise it won't happen again! :)

  3. Beautiful - red and black quilts are so stunning!

    1. I know right! I can't wait to experiment further! :)

  4. It looks great! And yes, the white border just makes everything else pop!


    1. Thanks!!!

      Now if only I could get time to quilt it :|