Saturday, April 13, 2013

And another top has been completed!

So.  I have to say this is a record for me.  It has been essentially only 5 days to put together this quilt top.  (If you count active work only)  If you recall, this is what I started with (it took me about three days to cut and trim up all these - there are at least 556 of these): 
 It took me one and a half days to go from a pile of squares to THIS pile of squares (there are 50 plus misc squares left over not made into 9-blocks).
It has taken me one day (Read half of today although it *IS* almost 1am .. so say 6 hours of solid work?) to cut all the black sashings, and piece this together so it now looks like this: 

And now, bed.  I am very very tired, and I have my quilt class in 8 hours to learn how to quilt this.  More pics later. 

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