Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Computers! ARGH!

Well. So here's the thing .. 

When I tried to make this post a few days ago I opened up the Blogger console and selected the images to upload and my computer started beeping at me.  Kind of like a "WHAT? 9?! NINE PHOTOS? All at once? What do you think I am, Some sort of Machine?!" and threw a hissy.  The only way to turn it off was to force power it down.  

I rebooted my laptop and thought Hrmph.  Let's try that again.  Ya know, to see if it was a once off thing or not.  The long and the short of it is, no.  It was not a once off.  Every time I tried to upload the photos, it crashed.  

I've been having some problems lately with my internet browser.  A while back I swapped to using Chrome.  Mostly because I was having issues with some memory leakage in Firefox and I can't remember what problems I had been having with Safari.  Lately, I've been noticing that I cannot leave Chrome open overnight, ESPECIALLY if I've left Facebook open.  It just totally crashes.  Blows through both my memory and cpu usage! I have to force close it to fix it.  

It appears that this is a much more extensive problem than I had originally thought because when I loaded these photos in using Safari, it worked.  Not a single beep.  No freezing up. Perfect! 

So, here's a bit of an update on some of what I've been up to! 

First off, here is a picture of my gorgeous ginger boy, Sheldon.  He crawled into a bad so Jacob picked it up and bought him to me.  This is how I found him!  Isn't he adorable?! 

Second, we picked up some apples a few days back and I made the mistake of thinking out loud that I'd love to make some apple crumble.  Of course Jacob heard me, and so it was set.  We were making Apple Crumble. Ignoring the fact that neither of us had ever made it before.  This is how it turned out.  Ignoring the fact that we are not on MKR, and that I kind of extended the ingredients a bit more than the recipe indicated but overall it turned out beautiful. The only real criticism we have is that some of the crumble on top was a bit thick.  Something to work on next time! :) 

After I pieced the Red Black and White quilt together .. I discovered that I still had a few pieces of the quilt top left over.  What do I do with these I wonder?  Most of the little 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch squares that were leftover have gone into my fabric scraps box for future paper quilting scrap projects. I did however have two full 9 block squares leftover.  These I thought were not really feasible for the scrap bin, so I decided to make two items.  One is a Biscornu Pin cushion.  I used some of the spare backing from my Red Black and White quilt as well for the back.  This was hand stitched together whilst sitting in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school.  I think it's quite adorable and pretty decent for my first ever Biscornu!

The second thing I made was a Pot Holder.  I've been meaning to make some of these for a while I just didn't really know where to start with piecing the top together.  I already had some of the Insul-Bright stuff to go inside.  Had a bit of a play with both Stitching in the Ditch, and Free Motion Quilting with this.  My machine isn't super special so the FMQ was a bit interesting to get used to, but I don't think I did too bad! :) 

Anyone who has heard me rabbit on about things knows that Embroidery has always been something I have wanted to do! I'm not really sure what it was but something has prompted me to just START.  It might have been a Quilt A-Long that I've got my eye on that uses some traditional quilting methods as well as embroidery.  

It took me probably a week of scouring the internet looking at everything I could find Embroidery related.  It was funny, I looked and looked and looked and could not for the life of me find a stitch a long.  Then all of a sudden I found one, that had ended last year.  I emailed the lovely person who hosted it and she provided me with all the details and requirements and I have that here in my to do list. (I will post about that soon a long with a few other goodies! because this post is already getting a bit large! :| )  

Between emailing her, and getting a response I found another designed who also had a couple of "blocks" she had designed and put online .. complete with some ideas on HOW to stitch it.  She can be located at: Hazels Summer Wildflowers - Block 1 .   Here is my progress so far with Block 1.    

And with that .. this post is long enough .. and apparently I have children who can't go 5 minutes without fighting, so I had better scoot.  I'll be back soon with some other awesome news!


  1. Wow Naomi the embroidery is gorgeous

  2. 1. Wow love the embroidery too.

    2. I kicked Chrome to the curb ages ago, it caused me no end of grief.

    3. Love thick crumble :)

    4. Where do you get the insul-bright from

  3. Thanks Janine and Vicky! I can't wait to try more! I just went to the library and borrowed a few books on different stitches etc ! :)

    And Vicky, I got the Insul-Bright from Spotlight, but most stores that have interfacing etc should have it :)