Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a few things ..

Okay, so a few updates are necessary:

1.  We finally heard back from Lenovo.  After having to go higher and higher we finally found someone who knew what they were doing.  The unfortunate problem is that they no longer made the laptop we purchased.  The upside is that we got a couple of upgraded features in the new one.  First thing we did when we got it was to check to make sure that it didn't do the same thing the last one did.  So far so good! *touch wood*

2.  Due to the easter long weekend and school holidays it has been two weeks since my last quilting class.  I go again tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I've completed all my blocks, now it's time to see if they're all the same size when I trim them up!

3.  I have been waiting to post about this one because I wanted to have the product in my hands to take a picture but alas, I'm impatient.  Some of you who know me on FB already know this, but I won a fabric giveaway!  I follow a lot of blogs, one of which is Pile O' Fabric who just happened to have a Giveaway.  The giveaway involved a bundle of 20 Marblehead Global Brights Fat Quarters courtesy of Canton Village Quilt Works.  I can't wait to get my hands on them! I will post pics as soon as I can once I get them!!

4.  I have been so busy cutting away at fabric that my poor cutting mat needs a well earned rest .. and my rotary blade - only 6 weeks old! - is dead! I have cut fabric for blocks for two quilts! One for Piper, and one for a lap blanket.  I still need to cut the border fabrics for these blocks but meh.  I'll do that once I've pieced the rest of the blocks.

 There is 976 1.5 Inch by 3.5 Inch pieces!

I haven't counted this lot .. but these are 2.5 inch squares.

5.  Here is an up to date photo of my HAED project - Filling the stocking.

Here is just one photo of what it looked like after my Darling Little Cat Sheldon decided to chew my fabric.  Thankfully I was able to fix most of it.  There are a few places that are chewed but I can hopefully fix these as I get to them!

6.  I have been hunting around for a while for a GOOD sized pin cushion.  None of those poxy tiny little things.  I found one when I was looking for something else and true to form, I forgot to bookmark it .. so now I don't know where to find it .. and whilst I was spending days hunting for it .. I realised .. I have a pattern for a stuffed turtle.  It is perfect.

I found the turtle pattern and tutorial over at Make It & Love It - and it's perfect! You should try it! The kids all want one too!

He's not perfect by any means, but that's all my fault.  A few threads peeping through and my sewing machines stitches are quite wide apart .. and I'm not used to such smaller pieces .. another couple of turtles down and I should be damn near perfect! :)

Uhm .. I'm sure that there was something else I was going to add but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.  Oh well.  Always tomorrow right?

Speaking of tomorrow, Jacob goes for his sleep study tomorrow night, and the kids are at their dads! It will be just me and the cats! I can't decide if I wanna have a movies and popcorn night, a stitch/sew night, or simply an early night!

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  1. Sheldon! My kitten is called that too and just as naughty it seems...