Friday, May 24, 2013

Craftsy Classes!

In February 2013 I was frantically googling as much as I could about quilting.  Techniques, ideas, how-to tutorials, you name it.  It was around this time that I came across the Free Motion Quilting Project hosted by the absolutely brilliant Leah Day.  After spending literally two days reading everything I could on her site I discovered a wonderful site called Craftsy. It didn't take me long to find they were hosting a free Block of the Month 2013 - of course you can imagine I signed up to that pretty quickly! 

It wasn't all that long before I discovered that they also had a free Block of the Month 2012 which I also signed up to! 

Craftsy doesn't just offer quilting classes.  They have a whole range of different crafts! Go have a looksi! See if something snags your interest! 

Recently I was able to enrol in one of their paid classes.  The Design It, Quilt It class.  Unfortunately, since getting access to this class I have been sick and haven't even looked at my sewing machine *insert sad face*.  I have however been watching some of the lessons.  Cindy Needham is a brilliant teacher.  She's entertaining, and clear and full of knowledge!  So far I have learnt more about threads, and how to adjust tension and basting! Oh my gosh I wish I'd watched this before I pinned my Red Black & White quilt top! I could have saved myself so much pain! 

I'm still not any better health wise than I have been the last few weeks so for me getting to my machine is out of the question so I am still in Hex and Tatting land.  But please, if you want good, clear helpful classes and patterns, go check out Craftsy.  I'm almost positive you will find something you're interested in! :) 

Note- I'm a huge fan of folks sharing tips and information about new sites and products that they've managed to get their hands on, so please note that I would not recommend Craftsy if I hadn't found this to be an extremely helpful resource! 

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