Monday, May 20, 2013

Fabric! Glorious Fabric!

Back on the 22nd of April 2013 I entered a giveaway over at Quilters Newsletter to potentially win a free fat quarter bundle of some beautiful organic fabric - Giveaway details can be found here at Earth Day and Organic Fabric Giveaway .

And what do you know? I won some! I even won my favourite of the bunch!

These beautiful fabrics arrived today!

Aren't they just gloriously beautiful? 

This is the second lot of fabric that I've won this year and they are just divine! But I ran into a small problem .. I have these beautiful fabrics but what do I mix them with? I don't have any solids.  Or at least, I didn't! 

My local Spotlight had a sale recently.  Spend $100 and receive an instant $40 discount.  Including sale products.  Their collection of Prima Homespun solids were also on sale from 6.99 a meter to 4.99 a meter.  So I got 1/2 a meter in 35 different glorious colours! (Although there are a couple that are like .6 of a meter because they were the end of the roll but shh)  I also got 2 meters each of Black and White because one can never have too much of these! 

If I were to tally this up full price it would be: (6.99/2 x 35) + (4 x 6.99) + 10 (for the seam presser) coming to a total of $160.285 give or take. What I paid? Around $75.  I think I found a bargain! 

Here are my goodies! 

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  1. My first thought when I saw your prize stash was that would look great on black background :)