Friday, May 10, 2013


Today was supposed to be rental inspection day.  This is the real estates second attempt to complete this inspection.  The first time, they didn't send out the notifications (which are required in writing 7 days prior) so they picked today instead.  We do the dutiful thing, make sure things are clean and tidy, we corralled the kids into tidying up their rooms, so that Jacob could vacuum.  Ya know, all the usual house inspection things. 

We sat down to wait for the person to come and conduct the inspection.  15 minutes in I get a phone call.  They cannot make it today.  They wanted to make it for another day next week.  *sigh* Okay.  I really wish that they'd done the inspection today just so that it could be over with.  

Whilst we were waiting I did what most folks do when they're waiting for something .. I caught up on my RSS feeds, and FB, and Email etc.  This led to a few more giveaways to enter, seeing some awesome projects that some of my fellow Crafty Bloggers have gotten up to.  Which of course led me to Pinterest.  I'm not sure where, or how, but it did.  

I figured whilst I was there that it was about time I reorganised my Pinterest pins/likes.  It's a project that I've been meaning to work on for a while now.  So that's what I'm up to - reorganising my Pinterest follows. 

What's everyone else up to I wonder?


Almost two hours later, 233 "Likes" are all sorted into folders! Yay me!

Now I can go scour Pinterest for more! :)  


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    1. One of these days soon I'm gonna have to start cutting fabric so that I can "work" on some bags and stuff to sell lol