Monday, May 27, 2013

Sinus Infection 1: Norti 0 :\

The last few days have not produced anything even remotely craft related.  :( 

I mentioned previously that I have been sick.  I finally went to the doctors on Friday and got my next B12 jab .. which I might say HURT! 1 and 3 didn't, but 2 and 4? Owwies! He also informed me that I have yet again, a sinus infection.  I swear I must get this at least 3-4 times a year.  I am totally over it.  

I have been very diligent in remembering to take my antibiotics .. well until today that is, I forgot to take my morning one, but it's too close to dinner to worry about taking it.  But I am not feeling any better.  

Whilst I have been recuperating (Read as flaked out on the sofa unable to move much more than a finger or a toe!) I have managed to catch up on the rest of the Craftsy class I am enrolled in called Design It, Quilt It .  

Brilliant class! I have learnt so much from this class.  Now all I need is the energy to put all that learning into action! I have been laying here on the sofa mentally cataloguing the fabric that I own.  And what I can make.  There are a few "whole cloth quilt" style placemat sized things I wanna try that way my free motion quilting practicing is functional! 

I have managed to get in a bit of Skyrim time whilst I've been stationed on the sofa! I cannot believe how big this game is! I've been at it for hours and hours and I'm still not even close to halfway! 

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