Saturday, June 22, 2013

A few more finishes!

Okay.  Yesterday I promised a few more photos of the other projects I have completed.  So here goes!

A few months ago I bought a piece of ply board to make an ironing board for on my desk for when I'm sewing.  I detest constantly getting the ironing board out and then having to play balance games with it to iron something.  Of course, in true fashion it sat behind my desk for quite a long while awaiting it's fate.

Of course, the one day I actually tried to put a towel on it and use it as an ironing board I discovered it was too big for my desk! So back behind my desk it went.  Whenever I needed wanted to cut fabric whilst sitting on the sofa at night watching tv it would come out.

Then I saw this!  A design board that's a) Portable and b) small enough that I don't need a wall! Omg I was in love.  I wanted one!

But do you think I could find the boards ANYWHERE?! Of course not!

Then I had an idea.  I could CUT my big board into two .. thereby making a decent sized design board AND An ironing board! Both of which are about 24 inches by 17.5 inches! A bit of plotting later we borrowed a stable gun from a friend, thinking piece of cake! Right?


Try as we could we just could Not get the staples to go IN the board!  It wasn't until a few weeks later after having purchased a mini hot glue gun that we realised .. and wait for it ... that we were using the wrong sized staples! We needed the smaller ones! Which of course had been in the case all along!

So, to cut a long story short, and with a LOT of Jacobs assistance, I now have a desktop ironing board AND a design board! 

I felt that my design board was a little .. Boring.  It had no edging.  So, with that in mind I decided to try my hand at one.  Using the basic Q-Snap cover idea.  Definitely much better! 

After this I decided to try my hand at an ACTUAL Q-Snap Cover! For those that are blissfully unaware of what a Q-Snap cover is, it is to protect your fabric around your frame from any potential oils on your hands, or surrounding dirt whilst you are stitching! 

This particular one is reversible.  The one around my design board is not reversible.  Here it is on my q-snap frame.  

And now, I'm off to dig out a crochet hook and some wool after listening to the sewing machine all day! 


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  2. q-snaps covers are next on my list for me to try :)