Friday, June 21, 2013

Finish Friday! At Last!

Oh my gosh! I did it! I finally have something to show for Finish Friday! 

Actually I have four things to show, but two I want to photograph tomorrow in daylight!  So I'll show you the small two for now. 

I've been looking around for small projects.  Something that I can complete in a small amount of time, not months! 

Then I found it.  Cup Sleeves!  I made not only one, but TWO in under an hour using some leftover scraps that I had on hand! And this included experimenting with freezer paper for the FIRST time ever! 

Here they are! 

I cannot wait to experiment with some quilting, and maybe even embroidery on these! 

But alas, my kidlets are trying their first ever Youth Group experience tonight for some fun.  I had best be off to collect them before the organisers think I've left them for a sleepover! :)

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