Sunday, June 30, 2013

I feel .. Productive?!

It's been a bit of a busy day.  Or night really given it's 2am and I'm just now packing up for the night.  I have been on the go on this particular project for probably 12 hours so far.  

I've had a post on hold for a few days with a collection of my favourite things I've come across from other Crafty folk to share but alas I just did not get to it today to finalise and post.  I kept getting side tracked between pretty quilts, and fabrics, and Facebook and emails and RSS feeds. Unfortunately I only got my emails and FB checked .. and even this was a chore! There were just so many distracting things to look at and ooh and ahh over! Maybe I will finalise my Favs of the Week post tomorrow! 

For a while now I will leave you with a sneak peek of information about my activities today.  I have been eyeing off a bunch of star style quilts.  Especially those that are designed to be BIG. I couldn't find a pattern that incorporated all the ones I wanted to use because I had a specific collection of fabric in mind.  But don't despair! I made my own pattern!

Yes, you heard me right.  On quilt block graph paper, with highlighters and a ruler and lots of counting, recounting, cursing and counting again.  

And yet I still managed to cut WAY more blocks than I ACTUALLY needed for Block 1? I'm not really sure how, and I wonder if maybe there was a similar oversight on the other blocks? But hey I can make an adorable cushion cover too now! 

And now, it is 2:06am and I can very distinctly hear my bed calling out to me. Or is that my back calling out to my bed? 

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