Friday, June 7, 2013

I sewed something! WOOT!

I did it. I cleaned up my desk last night and promised myself I WOULD sew today! And I did!

I've been so sick lately and just feeling UGH! Like seriously, I couldn't even get the energy to craft whilst on the sofa watching tv! Anyone that knows me knows that this is VERY unusual for me! But the last few days I've been drained of energy but also antsy. I've been bored.

I didn't get much done but I have pieced some leftover blocks from my first ever quilt and am turning them into placemats and a matching table runner! I've still got a long way to go but I will post updates soon I promise!

Another thing we've been doing is trying to go to bed earlier. Therefore it is just after ten pm and I am already in bed. I've been at this for three days and I'm already exhausted, eyes are burning and I'm very sleepy. I hope that means its working!

On that note I'm off to sleep. More updates on projects later!

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