Monday, June 24, 2013

Surprises in the post!

Phew! Yesterday was such a busy day that I literally spent the majority of today doing who knows what.  That was until the Australia Post lady showed up with a package! A package for me even! What was in this package you might ask?

Well.  Let me start off by saying that I have found the online Craft community to be fantastic, super supportive and resourceful! But even so, I was and still am completely blown away by some of the generosity of some of the folks out there! 

A couple of months ago one of my Mother In Law's lovely friends on FB Ann posted asking if anyone had any daughters that were interested in cross stitching.  Being that my MIL could probably run a business from her cross stitching stash alone I reluctantly put my hand up, saying ya know I have kids interested, but if anyone else popped up by all means, send it to them. Here's a package of the goodies my daughter received:

There's a full kit and an oodle of some Australian native animals and a bunch of other charts! My daughter was over the moon about this collection!  She cannot wait to get some more fabric and to get to it! 

Then a few weeks back one of my followers, a lovely lady named Vicky emailed me out of the blue asking me if I would like a magazine she had received that wasn't really her kind of craft, aka patchwork.  I was like Wow, really? This is what I received today: 

Not one, but 9 Magazines!! I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on my bed leafing through these! Well, that is when Sheldon wasn't planting himself in the middle of the page demanding pets.  

So I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank You Ann and Vicky and all of the online craft community!  

Tomorrow is a busy day.  I've got a tatting class in the afternoon, but before then I'm going to post about my weekends sewing results!


  1. Naomi stitchers are such generous people. I'll organise some fabbi for Piper and bring it over.

    1. That's why I'm making sure to thank these lovely folks! :)

      Piper's been steadily working her way through the fabric she got last year .. I found her a 16 block project that she's working through and can make into one or two biscornues :)

  2. Glad the mags arrived, gotta love the plastic mailing envelopes. :)
    Will let you know when I have more mags to recycle to a fellow crafter.