Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A finished quilt top! Woo!

After driving almost 200kms yesterday for very important family business I was totally shattered and didn't even really look at my sewing last night.  

Today unfolded to include a short trip to Spotlight (YAY for 30% Off!) and a trip to the store.  First thing I did when I got hom... well the FIRST thing I did was snarf some gorgeous Sushi from A1 Sushi at Booval Fair.  

THEN I got sewing! And sewing and ironing and sewing! My original plan included four blocks (Which I have already cut and partially sewn) which would make a quilt about 60 inches by 80 inches.  But after later inspection I decided to make it into FOUR quilts! A much more manageable sized quilt for my little machine!   But I digress! The point is I have a finished quilt top! 

I've taken a photo of it but I'm not happy with it given I took it after 8pm in a poorly lit room. I will take more pics tomorrow .. maybe even try my hand at some intriguing outdoor shots if weather permits!  

Then tomorrow morning I've conned my fiancĂ© Jacob into helping me spray baste it! Of course, neither of us has a clue HOW to spray baste a quilt but I guess that's what I have the rest of tonight for? :) 

And with that .. I have been informed that I must have at least a sandwich before I can eat dessert (Chocolate mousse, Tiramisu or Vanilla bean creamed rice?!?) so I'm off to raid the fridge! 

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