Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A quilt top!

As promised, here is a couple of photos of my quilt progress so far.

Unfortunately I was so excited to start quilting that I forgot to get one after it was spray basted.   :|

This is when it was still just a completed Block. 

This is the one taken last night that I wasn't all that impressed with.

And this one is outside in the sun.  With my handy all round helper, Jacob! :)

And now, back to stitching in the ditch!


  1. Naomi it is just lovely. Congratulations! Is that for our Princess Jaelyn?

    1. I'm gonna end up with four of them very similar .. One of those I will definitely make for Miss Jaelyn but I think this one has my niece Shayla's name all over it (the 8 yr old that's so much like Jaelyn it's uncanny!). She doesn't know it yet, but her life is about to turn upside down unfortunately :( I think a little bit of hand made love might do her some good