Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another new pattern!

What was in the box you might ask? 

Why a brand spankin new Janome Sewing Machine! And she's beautiful! 

I haven't had as much time with her as I thought I would originally because of family commitments, so when the opportunity arose today to get a good chance to test her out I sure didn't pass up the opportunity! 

One of my nieces has been in need of some new flannelette pyjama pants.  Why yes, yes my brain did hear that as "Why don't I make some for her?".  So, despite having said just yesterday that I need to stop visiting Spotlight so often, off I went today to get some fabric! I'm beginning to think I'm a bit of a fabric/craft supplies junkie! But shhh! 

Anyway, I bought four meters of fabric and rushed home so that I could draw up the pattern and get started! 

A few hours later I have the following to show for my efforts: 

Between these, the boxers, and the start I've made on my Jamie/Marissa Sew-A-Long I have to say I'm liking sewing clothing! No.  Loving sewing clothing! I just can't believe what I've been able to make! 

Although with my new sewing machine and all it's beauty I cannot wait to try out some Fee Motion quilting too! 

But now I'm going to go collapse on the sofa and watch some tv! I will post more information and photos about my new sewing machine soon! 

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