Saturday, July 13, 2013


I feel like I should apologise in advance.  This is going to be a bit of a picture heavy post.  In large due to the fact that I got quite a number of things completed this week! Well.  For me at least! :) 

I have a total of 5 finishes this week.  Yes. You read that right.  5.  FIVE. 

1 x adult boxer shorts
3 x children boxer shorts
1 x completed table runner

I stumbled upon a Facebook group called Scientific Seamstress Lab Group in my wanderings.  I kept reading about people making boxers and raving about them.  I thought why not! So I purchased the pattern from their etsy store and away I went.  Poor Jacob was the first guinea pig so his boxers are quite speshul.  However, I gave him the boxers to "try on" and he didn't take them off again until shower time! So I was unable to get any photos of his.  However.  I did then continue on to make a set of boxers for each of the kidlets.  

After the first pair however, I kind of had an idea what I was meant to be doing.  So this pair was infinitely better than the first!  This here is Miss Jaelyn.  She was the my somewhat unwilling model! 

 Front / Back views. 

And here is Lachlan and Pipers boxers.

And by the time I got to pairs 3 and 4 it was so much easier again! 

I plan to make a slew of these for the kids to wear for summer pj's! I guess I'd better make a few more pairs for Jacob too who has ordered 10! 

Also this week I headed down to Spotlight because they were having a HUGE sale on their Fat Quarter Flats! So I might have purchased a few.  

Some of these are for set projects I have in mind.  Some are just adorable fabrics for the kids with potential projects in mind :)

 These ones are an organic set! So soft! Couldn't resist them!

Another project that has been sitting in my "To-Finish" pile was a Christmas table runner I suddenly had an urge to make last year.  Here's the pictures.

Don't worry, I havn't forgotten about the pink quilt in need of quilting! It is half quilted.  But my arms were so sore from moving it around I just had to take a break!  I hope to have her finished by the end of this week.

And now, I'm off to visit a friend for coffee and then I'm gonna get started on drafting up some other ideas I have in mind!

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