Saturday, July 20, 2013

Homework Pocket

My desk doubles as both a Craft Zone and a Desk Zone.  It's one big technically 8 seater table.  Being that I partake of a lot of different crafts, plus I own a computer, and multiple devices it has come as no surprise that my desk is a disaster zone.  Pretty much 24/7.  

One of the things that routinely gets dumped on my desk is my sons homework book.  Now I know that *I* told him to put it there so that it could easily be located, sometimes his excitement to get to something else usually results in him throwing his book at my desk and running off.  This can be dangerous! Pins, scissors, pattern pieces! All sorts of things go a flying. 

I decided to make my son a "Homework Pocket" that could be hung in his room so that he had somewhere dedicated to place his homework book and/or library book.  Totally an impromptu project, no pattern followed, just the dimensions of the books required to be placed within.  

Now we just need to secure it to a surface big enough.  I'm thinking the side of his drawers? Or maybe his wardrobe? :) 


  1. Naomi, you have won the Molly Blossom Design giveaway! Please message me through my FB page to tell me where to send your goodies and which pattern from my shop you choose. :)

  2. *squeals* OMG! Thank you! I've msg'd you on fb! :)