Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sew-A-Long results!

Some of you might remember a few posts ago that I said I was going to participate in a Sew-A-Long over at the Scientific Seamstress! I did! I completed three "Marissa's" and one "Jamie"! I am so pleased with my efforts!

Here we are all in our pretties!

And then tonight I got sick of the girls trying to rip their hair off their heads with a hair brush because they lack the patience to comb their hair properly.  So I cracked out the scissors! Here's the result!

And I know I know! I've been slack! I havn't made a post yet about my new machine! I can tell you though that I have been busy giving it a good workout to wear it in! Here's what I was up to today! 

She's nearly finished! Which will mean burying threads and binding! I can't wait! And then it's onto quilting my Red Black & White Quilt!

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