Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spray basting for the win!

We just spray basted my quilt! It only took us about 45 minutes - this included locating table, clearing table, cleaning table, figuring out where the Bear tape was, and then the actual basting method! 

Can I say how much I am in love with this method already, after only one try? I mean sure, we had one corner that I had to rip back up and redo due to a little puffiness.  But that's TINY!  The whole pin basting process is so very daunting.  I found this very off putting to the idea of actually finishing a quilt.  The last time I pin basted a quilt it took both jacob and I nearly 2 hours.  And I couldn't walk for almost a week without a lot of OW! But now .. *gleeful dance*.

And whilst I'm here spreading the love, I decided to try pressing my seams open on this project.  And Chain piecing.  

Oh. My. God.  

The overall effect in the end was just so much cleaner! And the chain piecing made all those half square triangles, and then piecing of squares together SO much faster! And less thread wastage too! 

So.  In summary we can now confirm that I am: 

1. Chain Piecing Concert. 
2. Seams Pressed Open Convert.
3. Spray Basting Convert.

We're off to an appointment now but when I get back I'm gonna clear my desk so the quilt can actually fit (It's a bit of a mad house on my desk, pins, threads, rulers, scraps, paper, you name it, everywhere!) and then it's onto the quilting!

Oh and true to word I did take a photograph of the quilt top in the sun, which I will post later! :) 


  1. come on share the photos LOL

    1. done! I'll show more when I've finished ditch stitching hopefully :)