Thursday, August 1, 2013

Almost finished! *Eeepz!*

Went out this morning to meet up with some lovely Cross Stitching ladies I met on Facebook this morning.  Had a grand time catching up on their adventures over coffee and donuts! Can't wait until next time! 

Then I came home and it was my solid job to finish quilting my nieces quilt today!  This process was made MUCH easier by my awesome fianc√© Jacob who helped me rearrange my desk and took a bunch of things off my desk and onto his so that I would have more quilting/sewing space! Made the job SO MUCH EASIER! I'll upload some pics tomorrow .. I forgot to take them today :|  

Then I had to spend almost three hours burying threads! Although as I was laughingly saying to jacob earlier this evening, I am an idiot.  I used to see all these beautiful quilts and couldn't for the life of me figure out how they got so much detail without going over and over and over their previous lines! NOW I know! You bury your threads! I have to say this is probably my least favourite part of the quilting process! You're SO close and yet SO far from being finished! I get impatient! I just want to be able to show it off! 

But alas, yet again another project that has finished after ten pm at night.  The light in here is abysmal! (Although after the light bulbs we bought online tonight that might change!!) 

I will have to try and get some decent photos tomorrow with the daylight! 

Then it's onto Binding and figuring out what to do for a label!  And then I finally get to present it to my beautiful niece! Can you believe I have almost finished my first ever fully designed, pieced, and quilted by me piece!?!  I can't either!! :) 

But now, I'm gonna go bend my back in the OTHER direction and try and straighten it out after bending forwards over my desk to bury thread ends! 

P.s ... I LOVE my new machine! 

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