Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A small shopping trip was needed...

In the mail yesterday came the current Spotlight special sales catalogues. Normally I have a bit of a gander and that's that because were not in a position to really spend a lot on craft supplies. Having said that, there has always been one exception. Should there be any uber awesome sales on some good batting I would investigate!

Well I can honestly say that I am finally FINALLY the proud owner of some actual real batting! No more of that crappy polyester no name branded stuff that I bought last time because it was all I could afford!

I'm now the owner of a 90" (228cm) x 9 yards (8.2m) bolt of Legacy natural 100% cotton batting!!

Thank you to Spotlight for your 50% off sale of this bolt of legacy batting!

I cannot wait to try this stuff out! Bring on quilt as you go, and all sorts of other projects!

In the mail with the Spotlight catalogue was a 40% off any single full priced item voucher. I thought this was a perfect time to add a new template to my collection.

I have been absolutely desperate to try some triangle quilts but lacked the template. Well no more!!

At first I thought I had to have the smaller template .. The one with one of the points flat to make sewing much easier, but upon closer inspection at this template not only can I cut the same type of triangles, with one corner flat, but this template lets me cut oodles of sizes! How awesome!

I totally cannot wait to try this out!!!

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