Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm on a roll!

Today turned out to be quite a productive day! As exhibited by the items in the photo below.

Jaelyn and her little friend Emily have been working on some hand sewn projects and of course the snap lock bags that their works in progress is held in, is starting to deteriorate.

So I decided to make them a bag to hold their stuff in ... Lachlan who has also shown an interest in embroidery and stitching wanted a bag too!

This is my first one using this Patten.

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? And totally a breeze to sew up! I couldn't believe how fast this came together!

Another item that will soon come in very handy is a pin cushion. I saw these on Facebook. How gorgeous do they look?!?

Unfortunately my fabric collection doesn't contain quite this array of colors and I also didn't like the idea of the straps being entirely elastic so in typical form, I mixed and matched a few tutorials together and chose to go with a Velcro watch style wrist band.

Both of these projects were started from scratch this morning about 930 am. I'm so proud of how much I have accomplished today!

Only another three bags and two pin cushions to go!

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