Monday, February 3, 2014

Woah! It's February already!

How time flies! Although I can honestly say it's not flying fast enough! Although I am a mite biased given that I am currently a couple of days shy of 25 weeks pregnant!

Here he is!

The first three pregnancies I have had did not deplete my energy anywhere near as much as this one! So I have not done anywhere near as much crafting as I wanted.

It also appears in this last week that I simply cannot stand for more than a few minutes without major dizzy spells which has impacted my crafting even more much to my disappointment.

But never fear! This does not mean I haven't done ANY crafting :) I'm doing a mobile post at the moment so I don't have all the photos but I will make an effort to get to that soon!

I have however been working on two quilts for the baby. Given my youngest is 7 and a half, I am sorely lacking in baby blankets so I thought why not!

Pulling a bunch of fabrics from my stash that weren't girly I cut a bunch of 5" squares.

Here's the first one put together:

This took me two days of sewing to get together, although only a couple of hours a day. The second quilt uses the same fabrics with a couple of extras.

I can't wait until I have the second top completed so that I can start basting and quilting!


  1. Look at that dear little man.

  2. The quilt top looks good too. Will start an afghan when I get home.

  3. Replies
    1. It didn't help that I was really slack about doing a general "I'm Pregnant!" post lol. Although that didn't stop me from leaving little breadcrumbs all over the internet (except blog) to see who'd pick up on them :P