Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Finishes!

**Disclaimer** I apologise in advance that this is going to be quite a picture heavy post.  

However,  I am ecstatic to show you everything that I have been working on this month! A grant total of 43 finishes! FOURTY THREE FINISHES! *bounces about excitedly*

At the beginning of the month I made 5 of these beautiful little bags, using This pattern, and a pin cushion bracelet as per one of my previous posts, although at that stage I had only made one bag, and pin cushion and was still in the cutting process of another three.  I did however have a request from a little friend of my sons so a fifth bag was completed. :)
Not to end there of course, I did some googling and wondered .. "What else can I make?" This picture below is the result of said search.  This is all the things I have made in the last week.  Last Friday the 21st February I decided to issue myself a challenge.  Could I finish all these items, before Friday 28th February?  

It appears, that yes, yes I can! 

I had already started cutting fabrics early February for two baby quilts for my son due in May .. So I figured I had better finish those first.  

Each one is backed in a fleece fabric for extra warmth.  The only thing I needed to purchase to make these quilts was the Stars for the binding.  

As you can see below, I had plenty of stars and repurposed the scraps for another project.  A nappy bag.  I scoured the internet for hours and hours trying to purchase a bag that I liked, I couldn't find anything that was even remotely in our price range that I liked.  Hence I changed path and started googling patterns.  I found this pattern over at Totally Stitching and I just adored the pattern. 

It wasn't long before my version of this bag was created.  The only thing I really changed was instead of using some heavier fabric which would have provided the right amount of structure to the bag, I instead chose to use fabric from my stash, which is all quilting cottons.  So I used some polyester batting for all the sides and bottom of the bag shell as well as straps.  What you see below is an adorable bag, with just the right amount of structure for all the required baby supplies when out and about, whilst being entirely machine washable.  I totally love it!  

And inside there are two largish pockets on one side, and three medium pockets on the other side.  With some beautiful star gazing sherries for the lining.  I originally wasn't going to add the zipper, but gosh I love how it looks with the zip in place! Totally worth the effort and struggle with the zip :P

Another project I discovered was a tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew for some adorable baby bibs.  The first ones I made using this tutorial are the dark brown cowboys you see below.  I felt that this bib whilst a perfect size for a newborn would be too small for a 6 month old baby, so I enlarged the pattern a mite, and the remaining 22 are all that size.  After making the bags, and quilts, I had just enough fabric left to basically mix n match to get two identical bibs in the opposing colour ways as you can see below.  Here they all are.  

There are two of each bib, totalling 24.  I'm thinking at this stage of keeping 12 of them aside until the other 12 have been used until their last legs? I can't decide if the Beach houses over the ocean is my favourite, or if it's one of the Safari animals ones?  They're all just so adorable! 

During my travels, I discovered yet another tutorial! (I know right? I should stop googling and finding all these tutorials! :P) 

This particular tutorial is from Feed The Dogs for nappy and wipes pouches.  Why should you take the entire bag to the bathroom to change baby, if all you need is a nappy and some wipes? these little cases are so gorgeous and even with adding in the batting and quilting which isn't a part of the pattern, I still managed to whip each of these up in about an hour and a half each! Including cutting of fabrics! They're just so genius! If only I'd already purchased nappies so I could show you how cute they'll look, but alas, oh well!

How many times have you taken your baby out with a pacifier in his/her mouth only to realise that at some point he/she has spat the pacifier and you've no idea where it's gone?  I know with my previous three children that this happened A LOT!  I found numerous tutorials in my googling travels and the directions are pretty straight forward.  Hence these four were whipped up pretty quickly using scraps from my scrap bins.  

The metal clips I had on hand because I had purchased a boat load of them for super cheap last year when I needed them to help secure some of my Cross Stitching on a scroll frame.  So yet again, nothing new was needed to make these. 

And lastly, because I was not purchasing a store bought nappy bag, I was not going to be getting one of those little travel change mats that would no doubt come with it.  This is probably good.  Having used them in the past I have to say that they're quite tiny. I decided to make my own.  I haven't used waterproof fabrics for this, because I wanted them to be entirely machine washable.  I have also made them quite sizeable so that they are still useful when my baby reaches a year old.  

I did have to purchase the piggie fabrics for this project as I no longer had any boy fabrics that were sizeable.  In fact, I am pretty much out of boy fabrics in general at the moment.  I might have to start making things for the girls :P 

So, all in all 43 finishes this month.  43 finishes where I only had to purchase:

Brown Piggies Fabric - 1.5m
Green Piggies Fabric - 1m
Stars fabric - 2m
(All of which were on the "clearance" racks at my local Spotlight) and
1x Black and Silver zip

Everything else used came from my stash.  I am still quite pleased with both the number of items completed, and the fact that I had such minimal purchases to supplement my stash!  Of course, now I need to replenish my supply of "Boy" fabrics, but that's gonna take me a while.

Now what can I do for next month?   I'm thinking Cushions for the sofa? I'm not sure yet, but I have to say I am quite liking this "Goal Setting" idea :)


  1. WOW what a fantastic month of stitching. How about one more of those craft bags. Jill would love one. Got any frog fabric?

  2. I don't at the moment :| But either before you visit, or during your visit, we can shop for some and I can make it for you to take home? :)

  3. Wow you have been busy, I would be happy with one finish in Feb LOL

    1. A little bit :P I'm certainly feeling it now though! lol. I'm still at a loss as to what to make this month though.. I feel guilty for *not* sewing the last few days lol.