Monday, July 7, 2014

Block 1

Here is the first block completed.  I haven't added a border yet because I'm not sure which colour I want to use :| 

I have to say whilst this block is quite easy to work I did have a bit of a rocky start.  :|

I have never crocheted into the 'back' of a stitch before.  Let alone from a chain.  So it took a couple (.. or four or five ..) attempts to get my block off to the right start .. with the right amount of stitches! 

I was breezing along until I was about halfway through the entire block when I realised the entire time I had been incorrectly completing my popcorn stitches.. or more accurately incorrectly NOT completing this stitch :|

Everything *looked* okay but perfectionist that I can be at times, I didn't want to risk it, or have half/half going on now that I knew the error and how to fix it.  So I started again. I am pleased to report that it only required one go to start this time! :) 

Actually upon a bit of a think back .. I have only ever once before crocheted a project that had more than one stitch used.  And I only ever completed about a dozen rows of that (and I'm not even sure where that project is any more :|) .  So this is a real challenge for me.  

Overall though I am absolutely loving this challenge.  I cannot wait to stitch more blocks! :) 

Now did anyone notice that the yarn used in this block does not match the yarn in the photo in my previous post about Stitch-Cation

That's would be because as per usual, after deciding on something I walked into a store with yarn on sale and totally changed my mind!  The previous colours to me felt a bit forced because I was adamant I was going to use yarn from my stash and not buy more.  

But these were on sale for $1.25 a ball because the store is going into receivership.  How could I refuse?  

Aren't they just gorgeous?  The second one in on the second top row is not black, it's a gorgeous deep purple.  Now the hard part is deciding what colours to use per block.  

I've also got some black and some white to add to these if need be.  

I'd better get stitching! 

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