Saturday, July 12, 2014

Coin wallet and card holder

I have so many things that I am "in the middle of" and "planning" and "desperately want to make" and todays activities have crossed one of those items off my list!

I've been saying for a while now that I wanted, no, NEEDED a new coin wallet and something better to hold all my cards because what I have been using is very sad looking, and the zip holding in all my change only does it's job say 30% of the time.  I would be sitting there at store counters trying to put away my cards and change, and it would take 3, 4 sometimes 5 or more tries to get the zip to close without sticking, or separating.  Talk about embarrassing :|

I have been looking at patterns off and on for months trying to decide what kind to make.  I hadn't been able to find something that appealed to me until today.  This could be in part because I had been looking for a pattern or tutorial for a combined coin purse and wallet with sufficient card space.  That was a bit silly of me I must say because I have a lot of cards. 

So once I knew that I wanted them to be separate I went to my trusty Pinterest and searched for "Card Wallet Tutorial".  I found this awesome tutorial for a card wallet that holds an astronomical 38 cards! I thought surely I couldn't possibly fill it, but damn I loved the idea! 

And then the digging through fabric started! Which of course, let down a spiral that involved digging through fabrics, partially sorting them, cleaning my desk, which had an interesting side benefit of I now have a box on my desk dedicated to my 'current projects in need of completion ASAP!" but that's a whole another story that box! 

I knew I'd had some fabrics that I'd won off ebay that were a bit tougher than your regular old quilting cottons.  Once I found one I liked then it was the game of finding matching fabrics.  

The tutorial has a few spots that *I* found a bit ambiguous, but that could just be me.  Otherwise, it's a brilliant tutorial.  This card wallet literally whipped up in a couple of hours.  I am sure it would have been shorter but I had to eat dinner, and I intentionally went slowly so that I wouldn't make any mistakes.  Which is ironic because I managed to sew the outer and inner pieces the wrong way and had to unpick it all to fix it.  Then of course in my infinite wisdom of ironing it all once it was completed so that it was pressed ready for my cards .. I accidentally caught the velcro with the iron .. Guess who had to hand sew a replacement piece of velcro on?  Hence it's not super pretty looking, but it's functional! 

When it came time to putting my cards into the wallet I discovered that I actually have quite a few MORE than 38! So a few have had to double up and share their space!   But overall I totally love it!

So much so that I felt I just HAD to have a matching coin wallet made out of matching fabrics.  And of course it just HAD to be made tonight at the same time.

I couldn't find a pattern that was an exact of what I wanted, or supplies I had etc.  So I just basically my own knowledge from having read so many tutorials on zippered coin wallets and made this gorgeous lined coin purse.

Complete with little strap so that I can hang it off a finger whilst carrying things.  Yes.  I totally forgot to include this until my partner says to me "I thought you were putting in one of those little loop things?" so of course out came the seam ripper and in the little loop went!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my efforts this evening.

Now if only I could be so efficient and actually get a good idea going for a new handbag!

***Note: Excuse the poor lighting in my photos, and the poor photography skills.  Not only am I taking my photos on my iPhone, but it is after 2 am in the morning so it's a mite dark.  But I desperately wanted to have this all posted today!  

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