Sites I Frequent

I thought I'd compile a list of a few pages that I frequent that might not be listed in my Blogs list.

I will keep adding as I find new sites :)

Here goes:

Craftsy  -  I visit this website ALOT.  not only can I get some awesome patterns, but they have some fantastic classes.  I have signed up for both the 2012 and the 2013 free BOM's and they're just brilliant! So helpful!

Colour Cascade Fabrics  - I have purchased a few pieces of absolutely beautiful cross stitching fabric from this brilliant woman.  She also has charts, and threads, and oodles of other stuff!

Handy Hands Tatting  - This website was recommended to me by the lovely lady who gives me tatting lessons.  There is a plethora of books available!

Heaven and Earth Designs - You will find some of the most beautiful Cross Stitch designs on this website!

Zentangle - Awesome site for anyone interested in Zentangling!

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